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Your body a canvas, discover the art of body painting.

Your body a canvas, discover the art of body painting.

Have you ever imagined that you could become a canvas in the hands of an artist, today it is possible.

The art of body painting, a centuries-long history!

The use of painting the body for ornamental purposes is certainly not a novelty, the story, in fact, is full of testimonies and stories in which the painting on the body had religious or protective purposes, transforming the body into a real work of art full of meanings.

The first testimonies of this practice date back to African tribes, even if it is impossible to date them with certainty. These tribes used to paint the exposed body parts, thus protecting them also from aggressive atmospheric agents, such as too much sun. To this day, this necessity no longer exists, but the fascination with this practice has remained, which today brings together enthusiasts from all over the world at various festivals throughout the year.

Modern body painting, the art of fun.

Today, unlike its origins, body painting is an art practiced purely for fun, its modern interpretation in fact dates back to the 70s, becoming synonymous with free expression and break with the canons of conformism in force at the time. Body painting, in fact, has a strong liberating component, because it allows both those who paint and those who are painted, to act freely with their body, transforming it into the work we prefer.

The inspiration here is practically infinite, there are artists who prefer to paint abstract subjects and others who instead love to replicate works that have made history, but regardless of subjective artistic taste, body painting is now an extremely widespread practice and able to move substantial flows of people at every manifestation.

Reconnect body and mind through art, the meditation of body painting.

Painting and letting oneself be painted, from this point of view, has a strong emotional charge because it allows both subjects to connect with each other, releasing stress and negative thoughts and leaving space for the awareness of one’s own body. Body painting, moreover, is recommended as an alternative therapy to help victims of food and psychological illnesses to regain consciousness and control of their body, merging with the work of art they wear.

Give a body painting session, an alternative way to live an experience together!

A session of body painting is a gift idea not to be underestimated, especially if we have no idea how to surprise friends or partners, choosing together what to draw on your body and getting involved in a professional photo shoot, as a reminder of an unforgettable experience (do you want to try? Click here)

Attention to materials first!

As with tattoos or piercings, before relying on a body painting session it is important to check the quality of the colours used so that they cannot create adverse reactions in delicate areas such as the face, armpits and groin.

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