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Why choose Florence for your Christmas holidays 2019?

Why choose Florence for your Christmas holidays 2019?

A city whose fame is undisputed, Florence is the perfect destination for a Christmas break as a couple or as a family, where you can rediscover the magic of loving each other!

Conveniently accessible by train, Florence under Christmas is a world to discover!

Throughout the year Florence moves a consistent tourist traffic that does not seem to decrease, especially at the gates of the Christmas season! But this is not a good reason to give up the Florentine magic to live with those you love the most! Florence, in fact, is easy to reach from both North and South, through dense rail links that can easily make you avoid the car in the city, thanks to a good local transport network!

Florence, the city for every occasion!

Every occasion is good to spend a couple of days assorted in enjoying the wonders of Florence, but in addition to art, there is much more! Florence, in fact, at Christmas turns red, becoming perhaps more romantic than Venice!

Already from the beginning of December the historic center is teeming with markets, including strolls, and if you happen to be there on December 8, you can not miss the lighting of the Christmas tree, in the fabulous setting of Piazza del Duomo!

At this time of year, moreover, it is always useful to carve out moments of relaxation in which to enjoy the real pleasure of being together, waiting for the arrival of Christmas, with fun suitable for the whole family! In the center, in fact, in addition to the classic shopping streets that will shine until late at night with the light effects of Christmas decorations, there will be special areas for children, who can freely enjoy the Christmas magic!

Running out of ideas?

If the only idea of giving a tour of the city to your sweetheart does not convince you at all, or you want to celebrate a special occasion, Florence can become the theater of an exciting outdoor shooting where you will be the only protagonists, embraced by the urban beauty, to immortalize a moment making it last forever! Do you want to know more? Click here

For lovers of tradition, instead, Florence offers a journey full of Tuscany, giving you a journey through the flavors of Florentine history, tasted within the walls of an enchanting twentieth-century villa, enjoying together a moment of discovery!

If instead you are looking for a more unique experience than rare to live with your sweetheart, in Florence there is one of the best Italian Gin distilleries, where you can stay overnight and organize two days tasting the Gin of elegance, discovering its tricks and secrets, for a Gin that interprets the true taste of Tuscany!

Now, you have everything you need to organize a trip to discover the lily town, have fun!

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