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Tiramisu, the sweet easy & save chance!

Tiramisu, the sweet easy & save chance!

What kind of dessert to make at the end of a meal? Often, the simplest solution is the right one! Impress your guests with a tiramisu to perfection!

The recipe for tiramisu, loved and disputed, but 100% Italian!

Crispy cookies, hot coffee and mascarpone cream. This is the magic trio able to make the taste buds of young and old explode with pleasure! But how to reach the top? First of all, let’s make sure of the quality of our ingredients, the importance of the latter, in fact, is crucial for the success of an irresistible Tiramisù!

Perfect eggs, how to recognize them!

In order to choose the right ingredients, one must have an eye! Since it is a spoon dessert to be served cold, it is essential to use eggs of the day, even better if they come from a local reality!

The secret? Whip the yolks with hot sugar! This eliminates the risk of contracting dangerous diseases such as salmonella. By increasing the temperature of the sugar, in fact, the bacteria that could develop on the shell, do not find the ideal conditions, even if this requires more time to make the mixture, once finished, cool down, reaching the temperature of the egg whites whipped stiff, to amalgamate them.

The cream obtained will be velvety, with a bristle texture and pleasant to the palate, easy to balance with coffee-soaked biscuits!

The best Mascarpone remains the homemade one!

If you want to surprise your guests with a tiramisu like true purists of tradition, you can prepare the necessary Mascarpone for your Tiramisu, avoiding, among other things, uncomfortable waste due to the standard doses of the packaged one!

Do you wonder how? Take the necessary cream, heat it until it reaches 82-85°, 10 grams of lemon and leave on the fire – low – for a couple of minutes, stirring, until the cream takes consistency!

The doubt of the biscuit: which one do I choose?

Even when it comes to biscuits, everyone – it must be said – has their own. Among those who prefer pavesini and savoiardi, it seems to be an open fight! In order not to create bitter contrasts during the dessert, you could also opt to follow the steps of different confectioners, who, both for taste and texture, prefer a light layer of sponge cake (although we’ll talk about this recipe another time!).

The important thing, no matter what kind of biscuit you want to use is that, during the whole process, remember that the result must be an airy and creamy cake, in which air molecules are well incorporated, and pleasant to taste!


Let’s open an important parenthesis for coffee, so that also in this case each of us has his own version of preference. However, a particularly appreciated precaution is to assess whether there are children among our guests, in that case, barley coffee is the most appropriate choice!

Alternatively traditional coffee or marsala, they will be just as welcome!

We are almost there, we have explored all the necessary ingredients for a real Tiramisu taste-proof! Another little secret? To each layer, add a veil of cocoa, it will help your cream in the contrast with the biscuit! Give yourself the right time to assemble your cake, let it rest one night, and voilà! Enjoy your meal!

Wait! It’s important!

Sometimes, reading recipes online seems easy to us, but this is not necessarily synonymous with success! Learning these recipes in the company of experts dedicated to you will not only be enjoyable, but it will also reveal secrets that can only be acquired through experience and daily practice! Click here, if you want to know more!

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