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The salt of life? What you create!

The salt of life? What you create!

A fundamental ingredient in our diet, salt is used to flavour and preserve food. Have you ever tried to create your own mix of flavours? Today it’s possible!

Salt, a unique element!

Pink, Black, flavored or natural, salt is an element that is part of our daily life! In fact, in addition to using it for its main purpose, that is to flavor the foods we eat, it is rich in properties that help our body to manage very important functions such as regulating pressure and the exchange of liquids in the body, prevents constipation and if used in combination with herbs, it is useful in disinfection of the respiratory tract for example through suffumigation of salt water! Traditionally, coarse salt is an ingredient widely used in folk medicine, in fact, was – and is – use, create canvas bags containing coarse salt that, once heated, are applied to areas of the body subject to pain and contractures, such as cervical, back or delicate joints.

Create your own flavored salt: a moment of awareness!

How many of us take the use of salt for granted? All of us! It is an element that is rarely missing in the homes of Italians, but too little is asked about the environmental cost of this ingredient, and, even more rarely, we stop to think about how creating our own version can help us to understand more deeply the nature of this element!

First of all, to aromatize salt it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the different aromas that we can cultivate in an aromatic garden, starting to learn which are the aromas that best match our favorite variety of salt, visiting an aromatic garden, which can give us the right indications!

An alternative afternoon: create your own aromatic salt!

Considering that rarely in everyday life you have the time to devote to these practices, thinking of devoting time to a guided experience in the creation of your own flavoured salt can be a good way to combine the useful with the enjoyable! in fact, it is an experience suitable for all ages, not to mention the benefit of being able to create something with your own hands, in the company of those who want us, sharing the satisfaction that comes with it! Through a guided experience, in fact, you will have the opportunity to include even the youngest members of the family, under the watchful eye of the experts of the garden, able to guide you to the discovery of all the herbs necessary to create a mix of unique and custom flavors that actually represent your taste, without forgetting a pinch of fun!

Together, you can collect different herbs, prepare them for drying and add them to your favorite salt, spending a moment of educational fun!

Where can you find a similar experience?

We ventured into the heart of Florence to find a magical place like the Garden of Gardens! Here you will have the opportunity – both if you are from the place, or if you are visiting for a few days – to try to make your own salt, under the careful guidance of the masters of the garden, experts in the treatment of herbs of various kinds! Want to know more? Click here! And above all: GOOD FUN!

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