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The power of herbs, get to know them and make your own herbal tea!

The power of herbs, get to know them and make your own herbal tea!

With the arrival of the first cold ones, all it takes after a long day of work is a nice hot herbal tea, maybe created by you!

Get to know the herbs, learn from nature.

For all lovers of tea and herbal teas, you know how important it is to know the effects of the herbs used in them. The knowledge of medicinal herbs, which can be grown in the garden, is a cultural background that has long been part of our tradition even if, today, fewer and fewer people are directly cultivating their own herbs to make infusions, preferring the convenience of herbal teas and infusions already packaged.

Choosing and essences, perfumes and herbs perfect for your herbal tea can be a beautiful journey to rediscover our tastes, but also an educational moment in which to discover the secret life of an urban garden, learning to distinguish the various herbs and treating them as correctly as possible.

Your herbal tea, our experience.

Even if by now many essences are easily traceable in herbalist shops, surely, following the process of production of teas and herbal teas from the root to the packaging – clearly handmade – is a moment in which to become aware of the cultivation and life of the plant during the transformation cycle, to know better which are the best plants to create our herbal tea.

The presence of experts, moreover, transforms a moment of fun in the family like this, into a moment of learning suitable for all ages, in which to confront each other and learn something new, staying together and having fun.

The importance of sharing, good practices #green

Learning how to create your own herbal tea in a context like an urban garden is first of all a way to share with those we love an experience that we will not forget, but not only, it is the perfect opportunity to learn and share the good Green practices that our planet particularly needs in this historic moment.

The aim is, in fact, in addition to the production of our own herbal tea, to try to know which types of herbs we can grow independently in our balconies and gardens, drastically reducing the consumption of packaged products, often highly polluting for the planet.

What is perhaps never said too often, is precisely the fact that it is the filters of tea and herbal teas that make the habit of the afternoon cup of tea a not very green habit, since then, once used, they are often thrown away incorrectly, not allowing – even in the case of biodegradable filters – the correct disposal of this type of waste.

Fighting for the good of the planet starts from our small daily habits, remaining aware of the impact that all these have on our planet, but aware that making a difference together is possible and this experience is a useful way to put it into practice!

We have found a beautiful garden where we can live this experience, here it is

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