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The new food horizon: the chef at home!

The new food horizon: the chef at home!

Who says you need a restaurant to make money from cooking? Find out how to become a chef at home!

A new way to give an experience!

Who has never dreamed of having a chef at their disposal to learn the secrets of good food? And that’s what a personal chef is all about! The chef at home, in fact, is a food professional who is not only able to offer simple and tasty recipes to his customers, but he can also give real moments of training in a private context, dedicating himself completely to the needs of the customer!

How to organize a home chef experience

If you are a food specialist and you want to renew yourself, discovering new ways to live the world of catering, such an experience is definitely something to try! How to organize it? Here is our guide!

STEP 1: Choose a theme

Your home cooking experience will be easier to offer if it has a theme! For example, you can propose a specific style of cooking, in which you feel more prepared, ranging from traditional cuisine, preferring local products, to more innovative cuisines, such as vegan or vegetarian.

STEP 2: The number of participants

Both for convenience and to organize an experience dedicated to a specific target, choose the number of participants for each proposal, so you can devote the right attention to each preparation!

STEP 3: Expenditure option

To really make a difference you can think about dedicating a part of the experience to the shopping needed to create the home menu! So you can turn to the shops in your area, creating a relationship of trust that will help you in the management of your customers at home! Moreover, it is a perfect moment to communicate to your customers not only your knowledge about food, but it is also an opportunity to teach them how to shop consciously!

 STEP 4: Decide your area of business!

In order to guarantee a quality service, it is necessary to define your area of intervention, at least in the initial phase, by studying in depth the shops and local products, so as to better know the territory in which you are moving!


A home service is always a great time to experiment and put ourselves at stake, rediscovering the passion for a timeless craft, like that of the chef! Word of mouth will be a quick and easy way to acquire new customers, and knowing how to communicate your passion and dedication to work, will certainly make a difference!

Once defined the theme, the participants and the area of expertise, are you ready to promote your experience, do you want to discover how to do it? Contact us, we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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