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Paragliding in Tuscany: that’s why to do it

Paragliding in Tuscany: that’s why to do it

Experience the thrill of flying today is possible, thanks to the many possibilities that are offered to those who want to paraglide in Tuscany.

The reasons why you should try, at least once in your life, this experience, are really many, and especially in the Tuscan territory, characterized by the presence of many natural beauties, which you can admire even better from the sky.

How to approach paragliding in Tuscany

There are several methods to begin to understand how beautiful it is to fly paragliding in Tuscany, and each of them can be calibrated according to your level of experience, and also your goals.

One of the systems by which you can start flying without being afraid to put your life at risk is two-seater flying.

With this method it will be possible, therefore, to fly together with a qualified instructor, who will not only control all the safety measures, but also completely direct the flight.

In this way you can simply concentrate on enjoying the experience of flying without having any other worries.

In case you have enjoyed your first paragliding experience in Tuscany, you can also decide to do a basic course, which will allow you to make your first flight from heights not exceeding 700 meters.

The courses last from 15 to 20 hours, and will allow you to really become the protagonists of your first paragliding flight.

Why paragliding in Tuscany

After having understood what systems can be used to approach the paragliding experience, it will now also be possible to evaluate the reasons why you should fly, at least once, in paragliding in Tuscany.

First of all, because especially if done with a professional, this is an extreme sport, but it will always allow you to fly safely and without fear of falling.

Moreover, it is an excellent experience for everyone, and especially for those who suffer from vertigo: in fact, it will allow you to leave aside the typical sensation of falling, as both the take-off and landing take place gently and “without tears”.

In the same way, paragliding will allow you to experience sensations that you could not experience in other situations: you will feel light, and fly as if you were a bird. These are perceptions that you do not have in other contexts, such as when you have already flown.

Thanks to paragliding in Tuscany, you will also be able to admire the territory from a point of view that you will never have. You can see the nature, the cities and corners of this beautiful land in a way that you could never even imagine.

Obviously, if you are not an expert you will always have to rely on those who will allow you to make the tandem flight, so you can experience paragliding in complete safety.

These people are real “flight technicians” as they assess every possible aspect of the terrain, winds and altitude before starting to take off, so as not to put anyone in danger.

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