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Offer category Arts & Crafts
Offer location Firenze
Offer Price 170€ €
Offer duration 2 hours

Literally “smash the cake”, it is a photo shoot dedicated to those who want to capture the moment when their child meets the cake for the first time. The sweetness of the child who meets the sweet… the astonishment of the child when in front of that mountain of cream he/she wants to throw himself/herself on it. These are the moments that a mother wants to remember forever. Usually during the birthday parties, we try to keep the baby clean and then not to let him touch the cake that ends up being made only for the “guests”. In this service instead, the child is left free and Gloria Azzurrini will immortalize his/her happiness in touching, splitting, and eating the cake. It will be a wonderful experience for you and your child, it is an individual service that only concerns the child and can be done inside a house or outdoors depending on the season.

The supply of the cake is included, 25 post high resolution photographs produced on a USB stick.

If the Visitor cancels within 24 hours from the beginning of the experience the refund is complete. Experience
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