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In this experience you will have the opportunity to swim in the water and to go hiking. The route will be carried out with a floating pond-like backpack and with the jet skis we can reach together the islands of Capraia, Elba or Isola del Giglio and Monte Argentario. Our paths are varied, and we

At-home How to build a balanced dish

It is a Cooking class where chef Giacomo will teach you how to create a balanced dish at home. It is a lesson on healthy eating, food properties and teaching “good” eating habits. The course will take place directly at your home.

At-home Tuscan Fish Menu

Most people when they talk about Tuscan food they talk think of bushmeat and boars. Very little people know about the Tuscan Fish tradition like for example the “Cacciucco”.  This is a cooking class where you will prepare a Tuscan fish menu and you will learn to cook it. Giacomo will show you the secrets

At-home Vegetarian cooking class

This is a cooking class to be held directly at the residence of my customers. Chef Giacomo will teach you how to cook vegetarian, directly at your home. It is a lifestyle and a diet that involves the great sacrifices and therefore requires great care because the foods you give up are to be replaced

Boudoir Photo shoot with Gloria

Gloria on this occasion carries a very special photo shoot. Boudoir is a sensual photo shoot but not vulgar, glamorous and performed in a sexy context where sensuality is enhanced. The word boudoir in French indicates a private bed frame, for which the photos that are made are refined and intimate. The service can be

Cake Labs “Tiramisu”

In this laboratory Stefania, will teach her customers how to prepare from start a tiramisù. For the production we start from the Savoyard, which is the biscuit used for this dessert, then proceed to the preparation of the cream and an explanation of the best techniques to use. Eggs, sugar and mascarpone are the ingredients

Cake Labs “Cookies”

In this workshop with the support of Stefania you will make a one-kilogram cake of traditional cookies. You will learn how to stretch the dough and then everyone will create your favorite cookies. During the course all tools will be provided and it will be possible also to prepare some stuffed biscuits that can be

Cake Labs “Eclaires”

In this course Stefania will teach her customers the process to prepare the bignolini which is laborious and complicated. Firstly, the dough Choux needs to be prepared and then little puffs need to be made and put in the pans and once baked they will become eclaires which will be filled with  the creams our

Cake Labs “Florentine Rice pudding”

Rice pudding is a dessert that requires a rather complex preparation. It starts from the rice that should be cooked in a specific way for almost an hour and then cooled. Stefania will let you find the rice already cooked for you, just to speed up the preparation, and then together proceed with teaching how

Cake Labs “Granny’s cake

During this course Stefania teaches how to prepare the ancient Italian recipe for grandmother’s cake, whose process starts with the preparation of shortcrust pastry. The students together with Stefania will prepare both the custard and the chocolate ganache. Cakes will be cooked in the oven and customers will be able to bring home the grandmothers

Conscious shopping at the Florence market

Giacomo Petri will accompany you to the Central market of Florence where he will teach you how to shop for food products and how to choose the best products. It ‘a journey through the flavors of Tuscany and choosing the right products and high quality is the first step towards healthy food habits

Create your own aromatic salt in the Orti Dipinti garden.

This laboratory has to do with aromatic herbs fully dedicated to the pure realization of an aromatized salt. The experience includes the visit and collection of aromatic herbs that will be minced and combined with cooking salt. All will be paced into the drying machine at the Orti Dipinti or at home into the oven

Creation of distillates

This experience requires at least two hours. It begins with the collection of herbs in the garden of Orti Dipinti, then proceed with distillation. This process creates a liquid to be combined with essential oils to create a spray that can be used as a mosquito lotion, to revitalize or to help you fall asleep;


Florence in a Click is aimed at tourists and Florentines who are passionate about the city and photography! It is a tour that combines the experience of Viola Mastragostino, a tourist guide who brings her knowledge of the history and anecdotes related to the city and Chiara Mancini, a professional photographer with her suggestions on

Gin Tasting

In this experience you will be explained how the gin is made, the process of choosing the products that make it up and the reason for their use. All herbs and spices used for the production of Gin are certified. There will be a tasting of the product, called the “Gin Dell’ eleganza” whose main

Gin Tasting with overnight stay

During the gin testing you will have the opportunity to overstay at the Podere Castellare. It’s here that the gin is produced. The Podere Castellare is a 100% certified organic farm, a receptive structure of the highest level where to fully enjoy the magnificent Tuscan nature. Each typical Tuscan dish you will be testing it’s

Hearbal infusion with cookies

A guided tour of the Orti Dipinti Bothanical garden where you will have the opportunity to learn the properties of the botanical herbs growing in this garden. According to your taste and the flavors you most love you will have the chance to make your own personalized infusion which will be accompanied with Tuscan cookies.

How to build a balanced dish at Jack

This is a cooking class to be held directly at my home. Chef Giacomo will teach you how to create a balanced dish. It is a lesson on healthy eating, food properties and teaching “good” eating habits.