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How to Earn Money with Photography: Shooting in the City

How to Earn Money with Photography: Shooting in the City

Setting a professional shooting among the beauties of our country is a simple and effective way to make the most of the potential of our city, gaining fun!

Organize a shooting in the city, the advantages of getting to know the territory

We often wonder how we can promote our work, especially if we talk about photographing, trying to propose a different service than usual.

More and more photography professionals are choosing to set their shootings by offering customers the opportunity to discover the territory in an alternative way, immortalizing forever the memory of a special day! Shooting, therefore, can be transformed into a real occasion, both for the professional and for the subject, who can explore together the most evocative views of cities such as Florence.

How does it work? Simple: each participant will pay a participation fee as for any other guided tour. You can choose your favourite itineraries, or create a themed experience to propose to those passing through the city, contributing to the construction of a memory that will remain forever in your heart.

Photo-tour: some practical advice

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced photographer, organizing a photo-tour always hides some pitfalls, so here are a few tips to create your perfect photographic experience:

1.Fix the itinerary: it may seem trivial, but planning an itinerary taking into account the position of the sun during the day is essential to get perfect shots!

2.Plan your travel time: once you’ve chosen the most interesting locations to capture, it’s important to understand how long it takes to get there. Generally speaking, it is advisable to calculate the overall duration of the experience, considering both the duration of each stage and each trip, trying not to exceed a couple of hours.

3.Make an inspection: before starting to advertise this project on the different web channels, testing the itinerary is necessary to be able to offer a professional experience. To do this, we will retrace the itinerary armed with a notebook, looking for small and useful details!

How to advertise your photo tour

Once we have sketched the itinerary, we can decide to give our tour a theme! The common reading key, between route and shooting, will involve even more our subject, which can live fantastic places retracing the thread of history. You can also decide to lean on a tour guide, or opt to offer tours open to other photographers, interested in discovering a new territory!

As we have seen the options are many, but to advertise your offer in the best way, it will be necessary not only to take care of your social channels, it is also important to take care of a website where people can comfortably book the service, allowing you to think the experience at its best. If you are a professional and want to promote your photo tour contact us and tell us your idea and join our hosts!

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