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Give an adrenaline-filled and unforgettable experience to those who want to make them smile.

Give an adrenaline-filled and unforgettable experience to those who want to make them smile.

There is no better gift to give to those we love than our time, our love and a smile of heart. Experiencing together is the best way to strengthen a relationship, whatever its nature.

Tired of ordinary birthday gifts? Want to surprise your sweetheart? That’s how!
Your special occasion is approaching and the ideas for a gift with a fugitive effect… how many times have we been in this situation? Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or more simply, driven by the desire to give something deep and meaningful to someone we love, we often find ourselves thinking about the perfect gift!

The only priceless value… time!

When we think about the people we love, our mind flies to the many beautiful memories that over time we have built with these, living experiences and sharing feelings.

So, rather than wondering about what is the ideal gift for our loved ones, why don’t we ask ourselves what experiences would make them happy?

Giving an experience is much more than a sign of love, a similar gift, in fact, declares the willingness to build memories and share moments of happiness with someone, strengthening the relationship in a positive and constructive way!

Nature, the ideal background!

Nature offers many ideas to live experiences more or less adrenaline to live with those you love, for example, if our loved one loves sports and outdoor life, organize a rafting trip with dedicated professionals, in breathtaking scenery like Tuscany, is the ideal experience to live together!

Rafting and Soft Rafting, an alternative way of living the territory.
Whether it’s with friends, relatives or our partner, it’s always the right time to live an adrenaline-filled and different experience from the usual, and, as we mentioned earlier, rafting can be a very pleasant activity to propose, enjoying together the beauty of our country, in a way a little ‘different from the usual, suitable for the needs of all!

Urban rafting, for example, is a nice and alternative way to visit cities of indescribable charm like Florence, observing the beauty from a different point of view from the usual without forgetting that hint of adrenaline that only a river can offer! This type of experience is particularly suitable for spirits who love beauty and art, but not only that, an urban rafting excursion is ideal to appreciate a city of art even by children, living a priceless moment with your family!

Classic rafting, on the other hand, is often appreciated by adventurous and curious spirits, to live the nature surrounding them, at the rhythm of rapids and waterways that wind through the many Tuscan forests, always accompanied by a team of experts to live beautiful moments in safety!

There is nothing left to do now but to carve out a weekend and dedicate ourselves to those we love, spending quality time with them!

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