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Earn money with yoga: offering outdoor courses, a new form of wellness.

Earn money with yoga: offering outdoor courses, a new form of wellness.

Discover how to earn money by offering an unforgettable experience!

It offers a personalized experience: the advantages

In recent years we have witnessed the constant growth of interest in the world of yoga, chosen by thousands of people as a discipline to get back in touch with their spiritual dimension and focus on their psychophysical well-being.

If you are wondering how to offer a service that is not a simple yoga course, but a real experience (like this one, for example), we have the answer for you! More and more yoga professionals, in fact, choose to create personalized experiences, dedicated to small groups of people, to maximize the value of this practice. The main advantage, from this point of view, is the possibility to create packages of experiences, pleasant both for the professional and – of course – for the participants, taking the opportunity to offer paths aimed at solving different needs.

How to organize a set yoga session, the tutorial

To create a unique experience like a yoga session immersed in the beauty of different landscapes, there are some basic steps to follow, ensuring success!

First of all, in fact, select your favourite locations! In this way you can establish a different focus for each experience, for example, if you live near particularly suggestive natural places, you can organize a yoga session dedicated to nature lovers, but not only, also the city lends itself to an out of the ordinary experience, perhaps choosing a park particularly important from the historical point of view.

The secret is to choose a mood for your experience, so you can offer the feeling of a truly tailor-made yoga session! Once you have chosen the location and mood of your experience, you will have to choose the minimum and maximum number of participants, to make the experience as engaging as possible.

For example, for yoga enthusiasts, it is interesting to think of a couple’s session, choosing exercises to do together that can be experienced as a real moment of reinforcement of the relationship, but the possibilities to create a yoga experience, are really endless, you have nothing left to do but free your imagination and organize magical moments in the places you know best, making the most of their potential!

How to promote your experience: choose enjoing!

Summing up, once you have chosen location, mood and participants, your experience is ready to be published, but how best to do it? Obviously the first advice is to use social media in a smart way, but not only that, in order to get the widest possible diffusion, you should spread your experience on platforms specialized in offering tourist experiences, such as Enjoing, so the result will be assured!

If you are a yoga teacher and want to promote your experience, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to have you among our hosts!

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