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Earn money with fashion: The personal shopper!

Earn money with fashion: The personal shopper!

Consultant, woman, friend and helper, the personal shopper is an increasingly important figure for many women. Let’s find out why

An eye for style, always at hand!

How many times has it happened to us to spend endless days among the bland shop windows of the thousands of shopping malls we’ve reviewed in search of the right outfit? Certainly too many! Often, in fact, it happens to desire a certain look, perhaps inspired by the latest fashion magazines, but not to find anything on the market that can enhance us as we actually deserve! What to do? Maybe we’re looking from the wrong perspective, and here comes the personal shopper.

Being a personal shopper, what does that mean?

Whether it’s dedicated to women or boys, a personal shopper must have a real vocation to enhance the person, showing off tons of smiles and empathy, to give mothers and daughters a moment of leisure in which to devote only to their own well-being, accompanied by a professional who can find the clothes and accessories best suited to the personality of their customers!

Is this your profession? Here’s how to organize a shopping experience to earn money as a personal shopper!

 STEP 1: Get to know the territory!

It is essential, as a personal shopper, to move with confidence and confidence among all the boutiques in your city! To make your life easier, you can also design an itinerary that touches the boutiques closest to the customer’s taste, and season it – depending on the area you work in – with some local curiosities, entertaining the customer and reducing the risk of embarrassing silences that, during a more structured service (for example the search for a wedding dress) can be boring and unpleasant. So, smile and map in hand, ready to trace the perfect shopping itinerary!

STEP 2: Watch out for bargains!

Often those who turn to this professional figure are looking for specific help to find the outfit to show off during an event. In this case the services can be very long, so it will be necessary to show off all our empathy in order to get in tune with the client’s style and to know how to best address him/her. For this reason, paying attention to the occasions of use of a purchase is the trump card for a satisfying shopping session.

STEP 3: Accessories

To create a look dress and shoes are certainly not enough, all the more so if the advice is to define the look for some occasion! Remember to take time to dedicate to accessories, in fact, is fundamental for the success of the experience, completing the look impeccably, whatever the need. That’s why it is important to include in your shopping itinerary a few stops dedicated only to accessories, such as bags or jewellery details that can really make the difference!

STEP 4: Don’t forget to take a break!

Sometimes, as already mentioned, these consultations can last a long time, so it is useful to take a break every now and then, even just for a coffee! In this way you will give customers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of the city, while you can already think about the next store!

Are you a personal shopper and offer personalized shopping experiences or do you want to create one? contact us, we will be happy to give you some more information!

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