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Create paper according to tradition, an ecofriendly laboratory suitable for young and old!

Create paper according to tradition, an ecofriendly laboratory suitable for young and old!

Discovering from an early age the importance of the origin of what we use every day is important, especially if it has something to do with a healthy consumer education, taught while having fun!

The Bookbinder’s trade, a centuries-long history!

Before books became a universal good, spread all over the world among people of all languages and all ages, the rarity of such a good was the reason for its refinement! Much in the history of books and paper is owed to the various European and Italian courts, in particular, lovers of culture and stories that should have remained impressed in time for generations to come.

Thus, with the invention of printing, the book spread widely, becoming, in essence, the object we know today.

A step back, the importance of paper…

If you need paper to make a book, you need paper to make paper, you need cellulose (and not only…), but, although the process of producing paper is now known in all its stages, often you end up forgetting how much this costs the planet in terms of ecological footprint, turning a valuable commodity into a commodity discounted in our society.

Approaching the discovery of the art of bookbinding and paper production is an excellent way to rediscover the value and antiquity of this art, which risks disappearing day after day.

Creating recycled paper, the importance of understanding responsible consumption.

Being responsible consumers is a process that starts at an early age, having fun with the whole family! Learning the history of paper and trying to create your own will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family, learning together how to recover such a precious asset!

Create your own paper and save the trees!

The most beautiful aspect of all this? Not only learn an ancient art, but do it in full awareness of respect for the environment, while saving the beauty of an ancient craft and appreciating the particularities, making by hand, a precious object, but with zero impact!

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