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Changing the world by shopping: conscious consumption!

Changing the world by shopping: conscious consumption!

Climate change, climate justice, emissions, consumption, are on the agenda.

Have you ever thought about how everyday actions like shopping can really change the world? We’ll explain it to you!

Food & climate change, the revolution that comes from the table!

Faced with a declared global emergency, such as the climate emergency, we all have to do something, and if you are also wondering what you can actively do to change things, well, food and daily shopping are two good starting points.

There is nothing more impacting on the environment than the production of food for large-scale retail, which, while offering a wide range of products, is certainly not an industry that can protect the environment in any way.

Winning comfort and speed

One of the great advantages of the large-scale retail trade is to offer a constant quantity of food, reducing the time spent shopping to a continuous navigation between lanes teeming with marketing studies and consumer psychology, forgetting the most important aspect when it comes to food: quality and sustainability.

Many of the food proposals in supermarkets, in fact – though excluding some whitefly – do not take into account the impact they cause, not only through production, but especially with the consumption of the products they sell, producing daily tons of waste that we now know is destined to landfill or worse, to environmental dispersion.

Learning how to shop: a small great revolution!

In such a scenario, the most effective weapon in the hands of the consumer is certainly the choice of conscious shopping! Consuming food – and, more importantly, consuming resources – consciously, is a very effective way to fight climate change on the front line, learning to choose the right products, definitely changing our relationship with food!

Local shopping, the first solution!

The first step to get rid of the burden of addiction to large-scale distribution is to select where to shop! Starting to choose local activities, where it is possible to buy products in bulk will significantly reduce the production of household waste, but not only that, buying food in bulk will give you another perspective on your personal consumption, reducing to zero even the waste of food that too many times we have let happen, victims of the flattery of supermarkets!

“I’ve never done that! How can I learn to shop #ecofriendly?”

Often and willingly, especially young people and workers, complain about lack of time or real inability to shop outside the aseptic walls of the supermarket, so what to do?

Simple! Learn how to shop again!

To make an effective green shopping is necessary first of all to revise the seasonality of food, since consuming seasonal products significantly reduces the ecological footprint without sacrificing taste! In addition to seasonality, it is important to recognize the quality of the raw materials, evaluating their freshness, consistency and aroma, taking the right time to choose what is right for us!

The chef who teaches!

Making such substantial changes to one’s routine can frighten someone, but don’t worry, there are more and more initiatives of conscious spending, where, in agreement with a personal chef, you can learn to build a dish that is both tasty and ecofriendly, starting with the shopping!

Being able to learn how to shop with a professional is a fun way to explore new culinary horizons in your daily life, reviewing your consumption, but above all, having fun with those you love!

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