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ChiaraMancini – Photokiara

I grew up among very passionate photographers, the camera has always been a friend for me to keep always with me and photography a great passion and an escape! Life has taken me on other paths, other ...

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New Tuscany scooter rental

Luca and Federica Magnoni Macor are two long-time charterers who in 2016 have joined forces to create a single scooter by the two who had previously. Our two distribution points, which are located ...

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If you take water sports lovers and mix them with a magical land like Tuscany, you will get "T-Rafting", an association where water sports are practiced and instructors are qualified professionals ...

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The orti dipinti botanical garden

It is an urban space recovered where we have activities with educational and social purpose, an open-air laboratory and a meeting place to discuss and try to solve current problems such as ...

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Gloria Azzurrini Photography

Gloria Azzurrini is a professional photographer who has turned her passion for photography into a real job. In the wide world of photography, Gloria has chosen specific photo shoots, specializing ...

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The name of the company "Cammirando" was born from the conjunction of 3 italian words: "ammirare camminando dolcemente" which mean “slow admire walking”, allow yourself to be guided, take the ...

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Cake Lab

Stefania, owner of the Cake Lab, started as many other Cake Designers, at home. Her talent and passion transformed a simple hobby into a real job, at first, she collaborated with a bakery for which ...

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Bianco Bianchi

This is a customized counselling in the Bianco Bianchi laboratory. The Bianchi family has made some very prestigious works of art for people known in the international jet set and their and their ...

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Florentia Libris

The aim of this laboratory is the creation of the Florentine paper. Marble paper for adults Marble paper for children 3-6 Marble paper for children 6-15 For the realization of the marble paper, ...

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