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Are you a Vespa lover and planning a tour of Tuscany?

Are you a Vespa lover and planning a tour of Tuscany?

The Piaggio Vespa as Italian pride

Abroad everyone knows Italy for the Ferrari & Lamborghini duo, but if there is one element that distinguishes Italian design worldwide, and that many have not failed to copy us, it is the Vespa.
This moped saw the light of day in 1946 in Pontedera, in Piaggio’s industries temporarily shaken by the enormous inconvenience of World War II.
The creator, chosen by Piaggio’s owner, was a man totally unrelated to the world of mopeds, and this was the key element that decreed the immense popularity that this two-wheeler achieved.
In spite of the models of the time, clumsy and very uncomfortable as far as the ascent and descent were concerned, the engineer D’Ascanio drew on his aeronautical knowledge to design the first motorcycle with a load-bearing body without any element that could get in the way of the feet.
Shaping the structure of the Vespa on the figure of a comfortably seated man, he not only moved the controls on the handlebars, but conceived the entire creation as a vehicle suitable for long-distance travel, adaptable to any type of terrain and providing it with a long and comfortable seat even for a second passenger.
The result was a moped that not only marked the beginning of a new era, but still lends itself to being a faithful and practical travel companion for all those who wish to breathe Italian authenticity.

Tuscany as a link between the past and the future

Italy is made up of 20 regions, each of which has such special and unique characteristics that it is impossible and unfair to highlight one in spite of all the others.
But if you really want to follow the places that served as the cradle of the Renaissance and gave birth to the Italian language, then you can only head to Tuscany and let yourself be enveloped by the liveliness of the places and people who live there.

Tuscany as a tourist crossroads

According to statistics compiled on time in autumn, Tuscany is one of the favourite holiday destinations, both for Italians themselves and for foreigners from beyond the Alps.
To most people’s ears, this is the region of the characteristic spoken word aspired, a unique peculiarity on the Italian territory, but the reality is that in Tuscany there are many typical local features: from good food to excellent wine, passing through the immense artistic heritage that can be breathed in every corner of the region.
And thanks to its almost ideal geographical position, since it is lapped by the sea on one side and embraced by the mountains on the other, this region offers a soft landscape where you can let your sight and senses wander as you walk along its streets.
Here the union of two Italian excellences such as the Vespa and the Tuscan territory gives life to a unique tour, slow and wise, able to rediscover the authentic taste of small things kilometer after kilometer.

“But how nice it is to go around”…

Organizing a tour of Tuscany on a Vespa is not difficult, on the contrary: precisely because the cultural and gastronomic offer is so vast, everyone can improvise on two wheels to discover the treasures scattered among its hills.
But if, on the other hand, you intend to do things with criteria, optimizing the time and money available, and perhaps even identifying the type of realities you intend to visit, then it would undoubtedly be better to rely on those who not only know the area perfectly, but also know how to bring out content not normally reported in guides or school textbooks.
In short, it must be recognized that relying on professionals in the field, such as enjoing.com, would not only avoid getting lost in the hills, but would make your stay in Tuscany unique.

A wide range of recreational activities!

The beauty of travelling on a Vespa is that you get used to the wind caressing your face, so much so that once you’ve gone up in a hot air balloon you won’t feel any discomfort, enjoying both summer and winter the enchanted landscape of the Maremma, flying over woods, rivers and small villages.
But Tuscany really has so much to show, even if it is apparently shy and certain goodies must be gutted only by those who live there.
Tuscany is synonymous with a cultural tourism that winds from major tourist sites to unknown niches perched on the hills: thanks to the agility of the Vespa and the local guide, nothing will remain hidden from the eyes of itinerant tourists.
The practicality of travelling without road maps and historical manuals is undoubtedly an added value to your holiday. And what about food and wine tours that satisfy both the most pretentious palates and the most inflexible wine tasters? Tuscany has bread and wine for everyone’s teeth, and depending on the desire of the Vespista tourist you will move in certain directions rather than get lost wandering around at random.

An assisted tour along the routes of visual and culinary pleasure

Going into detail, and only by way of example, it is absolutely necessary to visit the Chianti Hills, where despite a not exactly vast area, there are many things to see, such as the Wine Museum, the Castello di Ama, the Chianti Sculpture Park (which punctually hosts installations and sculptures by contemporary artists).
And then, how can we not pass through the province of Siena, where there is a place dotted with small grey/white reliefs made of clay that give the place the name Crete Senesi?
Along the route that links Siena to Asciano you can admire incredible lunar-like landscapes, thanks to the special conformation of the soil.
The beauty of travelling on a Vespa allows you to savour history in all its nuances, not only by visiting museums and churches, which are so characteristic of the squares and the very pulsating centre of Tuscany, namely Florence.
Everywhere are scattered details of Etruscan history, skillfully integrated in the sweetness of the hillside, where rows and rows of cypresses surrounded by red earth will be constant companions along the Tuscan tour.
And it is thanks to this particular earthly characteristic that there are so many wineries in this region where you can not only buy products not otherwise traceable on the market, but also make winetasting of excellent wines such as Brunello and Chianti, while savouring the delicacies of the typical local cuisine.
The Tuscan world is then a real creative forge for everything related to good food and the preparation that underlies a perfect implantation: to find the cooking classes of the food categories in which you are most interested you can ask your reference organizer who, as a good local, will be able to include in the Vespa tour also this succulent culinary digression, optimizing the time and the established route.

A Vespa tour to discover sports, entertainment and trendy shopping!

Touring Tuscany on a Vespa will not only lead to the enjoyment of marble buildings, churches, dishes of cacciucco and glasses of wine: being a region kissed by the sea and clinging to the Apennines at the same time you can find fun sports activities, even adrenaline for the most curious and enterprising: from parachuting in Lucca to paragliding in Arezzo, you can go rafting and hydrospeed on the Arno and the Lima stream.
And what about freestyle motocross, whose schools can be found directly in the regional capital?
Freeclimbing opportunities are then spread a bit ‘everywhere, which is why using the tour organizer will be able to better integrate the route with the rock experience.
Thanks to the presence of the Island of Elba, then, there is no lack of opportunities for diving and surfing sessions, with rental of all the necessary equipment on site.
All those who, on the other hand, wish to take advantage of the undisputed elegance and style that distinguish Tuscany in the world of fashion and industry trends, will be able to take advantage of the presence on the territory of specific figures: the personal shopper is a professional who offers a targeted and personalized image consulting, in order to match the best manufactured product to its buyer.
Being figures scattered throughout the Tuscan territory, as for all other activities, it is good to rely on those who know the region well, and knows how to combine the needs of the vespista on tour with the offer more appropriate and close to him.
Enjoying the Tuscan hills with the breeze on your face is wonderful, but it is even more beautiful if you do it with your head clear of thoughts and worries!

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